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Pregnancy and anxiety

Am really struggling at the moment am pregnant about 8 weeks and recently ive been feeling really sick and dizzy i no sickness is a sign of pregnancy and also the dizziness can be to but i aslo get dizzy and nausea with my anxiety which leads me to panic and i just cant tell them apart i just wana say iam only feeling sick because am pregnant but coz i feel that shit i over think things worry and start to panic am just wondering if anyone on here is the same x

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I am the exact same I am now 33weeks pregnant, and have struggled Terribly through this pregnancy. I also had the sickness and dizziness extremely bad but onistly it will pass.. U should say to ur midwife or doctor about getting u on a safe tablet while pregnant and get refered to a CPN. Pregnancy can either make your anxiety better or worse and in my case it has gotten worse your not alone of h ever need to talk I'm here ☺️ And congrats x


Hi I've gone through ur post and I am 30 weeks pregnant since week 20 I've had severe dizziness all day all time and when ever I ask my doctors they think it's weird


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