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So out of nowhere I work this morning and felt heaviness in my chest and my throat was all burning and had a sour tastes. Typical acid reflux symptoms. The thing I cAnt deal with is the chest pain. It's like something's stuck in my sternum and I'm worries it's my heart :( I've had this before but it seems worse this time. walking around makes it worse I'm not sure if it's my stomach acids moving around when I walk. Does anyone else get this crap? And remedies? I'm on medication for it but it's ceased to help

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You seem to be having several things wrong with you this week and really are suffering with Health Anxiety the way it is affecting you which does help to give us digestion problems

Do you ever read back your posts you have done ?

Reason I ask is it can be like keeping a personal diary of what we are worrying and getting anxious about and reading back our posts we can also see that we were just in the same state as this time but nothing bad ever happened which could help us to see that our anxiety heightens everything but it will pass

Peppermint tea , cold glass of milk , manuka honey , I think it is cider vinegar they say can help and are all natural things which you should be able to get from a supermarket or health store and the one major contribution is stress and anxiety , so the more you worry the longer this will linger , I know it is easier said than done but try stay positive , remember you have had it before even though your anxiety will want to tell you this is 100 times worse than before but it will be the same and it will pass again :-)

Take Care x

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You know I was just looking back and. I'm writing the same thing weekly!


There you go , now what does that tell you ?

You are still here :-)

Nothing bad happened except your anxiety got the better of you :-) x

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Hugs to you. I have health anxiety as well, especially heart related. Cognitive behavioral therapy helped me immensely. It didn't take the fear completely away but I can recognize it now and usually am able to stop it before it takes hold.

I have severe GERD too and a condition called costochondritis, which is inflammation in and around the bones and cartilage of the chest and ribs. It's made worse by a vitamin D deficiency that was just recently found and I've noticed since I've been taking the supplement the doctor gave me, the pain has gotten somewhat better.

As far as the heartburn goes, try not to eat anything past 7 at night and if you do, keep it bland. Try to stay away from things like soda, chocolate, citrus fruit and juices, spicy foods and tomatoes, especially during your last meal of the day. Keep saltine crackers beside your bed and have a few of those if heartburn wakes you up during the night. They really help absorb excess acid. Plain toast works too.

If you get that tight feeling in your chest and feel like you need some relief, taking an anti gas medicine with simethicone should help immensely. If that's not handy, a big, fast gulp of a fizzy drink can bring on a belch which can offer quick relief.

Sorry for such a long reply, but these are all things that help me. I hope at least some of it proves helpful to you too.


I've just been to Tesco and got some apple cider vinegar. Pains still here seems to be worse when I was but I can hear air/acid bubbling up my chest so that's reassuring me it's not my heart. I keep tensing my chest muscles and this isn't helping either! Stupid cycle

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