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Feeling shaky & worrying all day

I'm feeling super shaky inside & out. Even when I yawn it feel the inside of my body shake like when you get the chills. I can't focus & I feel dizzy & off balance like I'm gonna pass out cause my mind keeps going so fast.. I look at my hands to see if they are shaking & I worry I'm gonna have a heart attack. Have shortness of breath & the back of my neck has been hurting for a couple days now. Also has anyone ever experienced like they can't swallow & have dry mouth?! I freak out cause I can't swallow as if I forgot how to do it so I drink water to make me feel better. I can't stop worrying.

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It sound like severe anxiety, I would suggest you go to your GP and maybe take a copy of what you have wrote down on here and give them it and they will be able to give you medication or some type of CBT Therapy to get it under control. Hope this helps :-)


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