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My positive (late) Friday post

I managed to get away this weekend with my best friend. Her husband has severe anxiety and depression. Every time I got anxious I explained and she just changed the subject. Best way :-) it was my relaxing hen weekend, met two friends I talk to on another chat app was good to meet them. Did end up with a stomach bug but got lots of retail therapy :-)

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Hi Evey

You have got a great positive there sounds like you had a really good time & it must have been a huge help to be with people that understand :-)

Oh I am sorry you caught a bug but you seemed to have dealt with it very well & loved one way you coped was with a bit of retail therapy , you cant beat it can you it really does work well :-D

Take Care





glad you had a good weekend. I'm afraid I'm not very good at the retail therapy I loose patience quite quickly. although I have been known to spend time in charity shops.

sorry you got a bug but it doesn't seem to have stopped you enjoying yourself.




That is a positive, well done to you. I like some shopping, but prefer open air markets to large stores.



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