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Shoulder and chest pain.

Experienced something similar before and was ruled anxiety. Is it?

My shoulder pain started yesterday felt like it was being squeezed hard.

Then today my chest close to the armpit started to hurt like I'm being stabbed it comes And goes nothing sets it off really.

I've also been experiencing weakness and head rush when I stand up. Or bend over.

Experienced the pain before they had said mixture of acid reflux and shoulder strain.

I'm thinking heart attack only because the pain is slightly different and the dizzyness

Problem I just don't want to go for fear that it is just that anxiety or heartburn related.

Nausea is the other theowing me off

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I would still go and get checked better safe than sorry. I have been experiencing this for a long times as well and ended up bak in a&e at the w.e everything was fine. But if rather get checked than sit and worry myself into oblivion..


I agree always best to get it checked out . At least then you can rest xx


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