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Ok... entire left leg fell asleep in middle of night. Have had it happen to arm (where it feels like a heavy peice of rubber) but im freaked

Hello again,

I was sleeping last night.. my entire left leg fell asleep, I woke up at like 3 am. I couldnt feel it from my thigh down to my toe. I laid back down in a panic, lifted and pointed it in the air to get the circulation back and within about 5-10 seconds it was back, then I had the after tingling which was annoying and within a minute or so it was gone. Now today, every single twinge and sensation in my leg, or arms, sends me into a panic state where I quickly freak out for a few seconds and then regain control. Has anyone else had this? Would this be related to my fear of a brain tumor or a stroke? Or would the sensation not have came back? Thanks!!!

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It sounds like health anxiety to me. I suffer from it too and anything can set it off.

Simple things like pins and needles because you've been sleeping awkwardly become major worries when you're suffering from HA.

You're not alone on this forum.



Oh I have woken up before to go to the toilet in the night but my foot down & bang I have landed straight on the floor not realizing my leg was numb , but it can be the way we have slept & trapped a nerve or the circulation & as you said you soon got it back

If your doctor has given you the all clear , it will not be a BT as you fear , but as said your HA

Now that has happened you will be even more aware of what your body is feeling but if you can try & ignore it & distract yourself you will notice you will go an hour without feeling anything & the 2 & before you know it the fear that last night caused which creates anxiety will pass

Hope you are feeling a bit better now :-)





Thank you,

Well my Doctor gave me the all clear a week ago about my brain tumor fear. But that symptom last night was weird. Would circulation come back if it was a brain tumor and last longer than 10 seconds? Thanks


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