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Anxiety I think!!!

Hi guys I hope everyone is alright . I had 2 ECG tests and another heart Eco test and both came back fine, but I still have this chest pain on my left side and the weird thing is that it sometimes happens while I'm really calm for example lying and the last few weeks I don't really have appetite and I sometimes throw up. Do any of you had this kind of reaction and if yes what did you do ?!? I don't want to take medication ! Thanks for hearing me out !!!Have a good one be well

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Hi buda :-) our bodies tense a lot when we are axious so when we try to relax that's when we notice every pain and ache which makes us worse....the throwing up is our body getting rid of anything it doesn't need to either fight something or run's sadly a natural part of anxiety ...hope you are feeling better today :-)


Hi buda

It's anxiety doing its thing


If you don't want to take meds, your other option is therapy

Or talk to your doctor

Till then do breathing exercises when u feel like this

Hugs yaz


Thanks a lot btw I since I learned about my conditions I feel a lot better and it's important you should know it's only a state of your mind and you have the power to control it !!!thanks guys for your replies !! All the best !!!


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