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Can anyone give me advice

I am a new mom. I had my daughter 10 weeks ago. I had an unplanned emergency c sec. I had pre existing anxiety before I got pregnant. I went through all of my labor with no anxiety, made it through my c sec. And it wasn't until about 3 weeks after my baby was born that I started having the same symptoms as most of you. Dizzieness like I will pass out. Sometimes I think I will die. I have to talk myself out of the "attacks". I don't understand what is happening to me. And sometimes it's as if I am always expecting to go through it that I almost make myself . I don't have ton go on explaining bc most of you know exactly what I am talking about.I'm going to see my Dr tomorrow, maybe I can get some help

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I have had 2 emergency c sections and whilst dizziness can be a symptom of anxiety it could also mean low iron levels or did u lose a lot of blood through op? I lost 800mls and I felt dizzy afterwards and docs said it was prob that. Hope you feel better soon and the feelings pass. Anxiety is horrible but we r all here trying to help one another get through it xxxx


I didn't loose a lot of blood. My iron was low at first but I took iron pills and then they said to stop Taking them bc my levels went up



Definitely think it's worth going to see your gp. Would recommend that you write down how you are feeling before you see your gp incase your mind goes blank or you struggle to get your words out.

Let us know how you get on :-)

Jules x


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