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Is this anxiety?

I suffer with anxiety problems and have done for nearly 2 years. I find it hard to accept that my symptoms are to do with my anxiety. Usually it takes me a while to come to terms with what I'm feeling but I can calm myself down eventually. I make myself more paranoid by looking on the internet for explanations on how I feel but I look at the worst case scenarios.

Last week I started to feel dizzy ( by dizzy I mean unbalanced and felt woozy). It has happened everyday since last Wednesday, sometimes the feeling lasts less than a minute. However today the dizziness has been pretty constant, this maybe to do with me thinking about it too much. When I'm lying in bed at night on my left side it feels like the room spins so I have to move position. The only thing that I'm stressed about at the minute is meeting deadlines at college.

Has anyone else felt like this? And is this anxiety or something worse?

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Utube "Eckhart Tolle anxiety and fear" , & it should be a 17.05 min vid..I know he might sound boring, but this is "gold dust" & if learn't you will "never" look back..Don't let your mind put you off, before you get the gist of what he's saying..Imagine if it we're actually impossible to allow yourself to feel angry, depressed, lonely etc etc ever again..Sounds impossible i know, but it's very possible if you practice what he says everyday..With enough practice your mind won't be able to worry anymore, because you will know that "you" have been causing your worrying..Once you know & accept that worrying etc is manifested yourself, you can't let it affect you anymore.


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