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Tips or advice to avoid depression and anxiety before they get worse?

Hello, I am new to this community and am looking for help. I have dealt with anxiety, in some fashion, since I was very, very young and was depressed for a time in my life... but both of these things have been under control ( and with no medication) for at least three years- my anxiety, during this time, has still been lingering, but it's now "normal" and I know how to deal with it and my depression has been non-existent. Recently, I have been going through many changes in my life, that many people my age (22) go through- graduating college, working at a new job, moving- and it is causing my anxiety to be a major burden in my day-to-day life and me to slip back into these thoughts of depression. In my head, I know I "should" be excited about these changes like most of my peers, but I am having quite a hard time with it. I find myself physically sick from anxiety driving to work and for a few hours after I arrive and when I'm not at work, I typically want to be alone. I am aware that this is not healthy and that it's beginning to be a real issue, but I don't know how to handle it. Do any of you have tips to help sway these thoughts or advice on what I could do to make sure this doesn't get out of control? I am not looking to take any sort of medicine, I am looking for a more "natural" way, to help change my mentality, maybe? I used to be able to just think positively and suppress my anxiety, but it's becoming "too big" for that recently. Thank you in advance for anyone who tries to help me out- I greatly appreciate it and am looking forward to reading your feedback.

EDIT: It may be helpful to mention that the main thing I get anxious about with this new job is the hours- Monday - Friday, 8AM-4:30PM. It also takes me half an hour to drive there from my house, so this means that 6:45AM (when I wake up) until at least 5PM (when I get home), five days a week are completely dedicated to this job. I know that nearly everyone has to work full time, but the transition from college (with ALL the free time and breaks) to full-time work, is really the main issue, I believe. It's hard for me to be happy with losing so much free time and freedom that many of my friends still have; I need to change that perceptive, but am unsure how.

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Hi there, you've had a lot of things to adjust to recently, quite big life changes so it's understandable that you've been feeling more anxious, can remember when I first started working full time many years ago couldn't believe how I was meant to do that 5 days a week with so little free time seemed impossible to also do shopping, washing etc but you do get used to it and get into a routine, if you're starting to feel down and depressed about things might be worth checking out mindfullness which is about living in the moment so you're not having anxious thoughts about tomorrow or yesterday, also relaxation and breathing techniques may be helpful :)

Think you've done brilliantly so far if you look at what you've achieved, you succeeded at college, passed your driving test , have a car and got yourself a job that's no easy thing these days for someone your age so well done :) xx

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I really appreciate your reply- it's very nice to know that this could be a "normal" reaction... especially knowing you were concerned going into full time work as well. I am currently looking into Mindfulness and I've found podcasts that I think may help me to relax and begin to think differently. And you're right, I have accomplished many things, I need to focus on those things more and not take then for granted. Again, I really do thank you for your reply!


I too think you have achieved many things and you need to congratulate yourself for this. Perhaps it would help to make a list of all the positives. Also maybe you could think about how you use your free time to do things that you enjoy. Start with something small that you would like to do. For instance with me it was go swimming once a week. try it and then evaluate it. Remember you do need to give it time to have a positive effect. do you have any close friends and or family that you could talk to or maybe go for a coffee at the weekend? Also I know there is lots of house work etc to do and some people have to do it but I believe you are never going to have that day again so try and make the most of it.

Hope this helps



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