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Everyday Anxiety huhu shortness of breath and something in throat feel like choking!!

Huhu how can i handle this everyday of it?. Its freaking me out thinking this breathing and throat huhu.. I want to be a normal. Im a athlete person. Lately i played basketball we won but.. When im running i feel closing of throat huhu im scared.. I play like morethan 23 minutes run. Huhu. I quit smoking already its been 1month and 3weeks...

Help me give advices..

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Why don't you try to talk to your gp?


i will try... dont have money for this cheking and medicine..but i will try...were totally poor. . . :(


Go to gp and tell them about your throat ,anxiety symptoms,and that you stopped smoking as well.

Prescription medicine are 7£ or 8£.If you are on any benefits (apart from house and benefit) you don t pay prescription.

You should do something about it so going to gp is very important

Good luck


ok i will go!. and tell to my dr. hmm im in philipines dont have money totaly for the medicine


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