Anyone experience warmth in left chest followed by pressure that does not go away?

I just started experiencing this about a week ago and it has not gone away. I also get light headed to the point of feeling like I am going to pass out. I have never been a person to stress out about too much. Can this truly be anxiety? As I currently type this, my chest feels very heavy and I am dizzy. I wore a holter monitor for 48 hours last weekend. I haven't met with the cardiologist yet, but they did say they would call immediately if something odd turned up on the monitor. I keep thinking in my head that maybe it has to do with a clogged artery in my heart?? I have no idea--never experienced anything like this before in my life. It really scares me. I just want it to go away.


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  • Were same i got that feelings.imscared too.. I dont know were it begun. Just try not to think.. Focus to the other things. We need to trick our brain..

  • Hi! Yes I've experienced the same thing plus much more when my thoughts of something else going wrong with me I freak out and get panicky. I've been having anxiety for about a wk straight and feel tightness in chest hot sensation all over my chest area shortness of breath and dizzy unfocused and feeling like I want to pass out:( it's crazy how your mind works but I keep feeding my thoughts and think something is wrong with me like I'm gonna have a heart attack or have heart disease:( I'm sorry you're feeling this way it is so AWEFUL:( hope you're feeling better!

  • Get a blood test and have them check your vitamin levels. I am vitamin D deficient and that could be your problem.

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