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Lung or Muscles problem?

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if you can help me with something. The last week or two I've had sore chest muscles, like I had before when chest wall was inflamed. Now I feel something new. I can breath fine, but when I move, bend over and any movement the chest and shoulder blades hurt. I am scared I've got a lung problems and I can't see a doctor until Monday. Is this normal?

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Morning Cardiff.

It sound like a muscular problem because it affects you when you put strain on your chest by bending.I would still go and see your doctor just in case.Do you have a walk in surgery near you it seems a long wait over the weekend.I hope you get things sorted out soon.

Kenny xx


Hello Kenny-w. No walk in doctors by me at all and I am feeling like I am not going to drop down dead but it's not a nice pain. I did tell my Dad who said unless I start to being unable to breath don't panic and see a doctor first thing on Monday


You could try Voltarol gel or Tiger balm they are both good.


I had to buy a new Tiger Balm so I am keeping them in business haha


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