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Sudden pressure and pain in front of forehead and all around head

Does anyone ever experience this type of pain ' I have been on mirtaxipine for 3 years and recently have gone back up to my original dosage 30 mg' as I went on to 15 mg . I changed to 30mg because I was getting extreme side effects. I think it could be anxiety related . As it happens as soon as I get stressed or get anxious

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Hi David, hope you are feeling better. I suffer from anxiety and a year ago I had the usual heart palpitations, arm tingling symptoms - tightness in chest etc. eventually I conquered it and moved on.

A month ago I hit my head and since then I have been getting tension headaches, pain around head and thinking I am going to pass out. It is stress and anxiety and doctor said my blood pressure is very high. Have you seen GP? Ollie


Hi ollie yes havent discussed the pressure in my head part yet but im gonna give it some time and see if it returns . If it does then I will go to a&e


Hi David hope you managed to get some rest. How is your head? A lot of the pressure could be caused by anxiety and you thinking bad thoughts. Also if you are expecting pressure or anticipating it then you will start to over think it and become anxious and panic.

I would recommend trying to keep busy but not strenuous activity in order to keep occupied and stop thinking about head.

If you are really worried I would recommend seeing GP. Also if stressed then high blood pressure causes headaches and this is what I am currently suffering from. This is easily curable.

Hang in there you will be fine and everyone on this site looks out for each other.

Take care,



Hi ollie yes I also think it could be anxiety and thinking


Hi David.

It sounds much like an anxiety related thing,although the increase of your medication could also be a factor.If I were you I would go and have a word with your GP just to be sure.

Take care Kenny


Hi kenny I was also thinking the same that it could be to do with thinking/anxiety and the increase of medication ' it starts when I get agitated and a bit stressed . I am gonna talk to my gp about it . I wascreading on some other forums alot of people have similar symptoms


I have decreased my I take of tea/coffee aswell as ive read that too much caffeine isnt good when a person suffers from anxiety/panic/attacks/ocd


hi David do you smoke or use any tobacco products? I found that my nicotine intake was causing a lot of that head pressure.I know what you're feeling almost feels like there is a cloudy pressure all the way around you and your head! Very feeling. The whole time I thought it was linked to my blood pressure medication. Turns out I just needed to quit smoking.


Hi dizzy its not cloudy its more pain related and a sudden pressure in front and lower behind and side near temple . Yes it could be that I smoke but I think its more anxiety and medication related


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