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Anxiety attack every time I walk?

Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with possible ligament tear in the knee this past Thursday that's causing swelling in my right knee and on the arch of my foot. Foot arch swelling is causing constant itching/aching discomfort it's a ball there and hard. I freak that I might collapse since when I stand I get dizzy short of breath and my right side of chest hurts.

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Hi Hypoc.

Sorry for the late reply I was away yesterday. It sounds like you are having a rough time,if you are sitting down for a long time you can get dizzy when you stand up,but I really think its your anxiety causing your problems.I hope your knee gets better soon.

Take care Kenny


Thank you Kenny for responding,

Umm today I'm actually worse my whole chest hurts.

My lump in my arch does not stop tingling at all had it all night.

When I use my leg, it gets weak all the way up around my hip.

I'm having major anxiety I want to rush to the hospital and tell them to check well to see if I don't have anything wrong. I want to accept what they tell me but my chest hurts all of it now.

I'm going crazy with all of this


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