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Sensation of smell, or a taste in your mouth, with deja vu

Hi all,

popped over here from the Action on Depression community. Was just wondering if anyone else had ever experienced (prior to or during a panic attack) either a powerful sensation of a smell, or a taste in their mouth, at the same time as a disorientating feeling of deja vu?

I used to get that fairly frequently when I was on anxiety/depression medication. Was actually terrifying - it felt so wrong to have my brain telling my I'd done something before when I knew that I hadn't.




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Hi,I sometimes have a bitter taste when I start an anxiety attack.Someone told me it was due to the adrenalin surge,don't know if it's right or not !x


Hi there, I haven't experienced this myself but my mum has many times. She smells something that isn't there and it trips her mind back to a memory from the past. It makes her feel sick and dizzy, but passes after a while. x

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Hi i can relate to your mothers taste and smell that takes you back in time but i dont get sick or dizzy, im just researching myself. X


I was plagued by a sickly sweet smell two years ago at around the time my panic attacks started. Not necessarily during an attack, just st work, at hone, busy with other stuff. No meds and never got to the bottom of it. Would happen anywhere doing anything. Have it occasionally now and it's very disturbing.


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