feeling light headed and it got worse

ever since 2001 when i was at college I noticed i started to get light headed spoke to the doctor he thought it was nothing. Then in 2005 I was reading stuff on brain tumers and got worried so went to another doctor who got a mri scan done it showed nothing every since just had to live with it. Then in 2013 got sacked over a small comment i made on facebook and had alot of stress and stuff go off. I recently had in 2014 a dizzy spell and also had a build up of ear wax and may have got an ear infection but ever since my light headiness has got worse alot worse normally when I stand up. My doctor thinks it might be because I am depressed and gave me tablets for it. But still feel the same can any one help the doctors don't seem to know what's wrong with me.


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  • Hi Paul, this is wat sent me in to panic attacks. I wud have these dizzy spells and a feeling of I was going to pass out. The doctor told me it was all part of anxiety. Every time I felt that way I went sent myself in to pure panic. There was nuthing wrong in u scan and stress does funny things to us. Once my anti depressants kicked in the dizzy spells slowly went and the feeling of passing out wasn't so bad as very rare xx

  • Have you had your blood pressure check? Try to stand up slowly looking forward. Ask to be referred to a ear nose and throat specialist. Good luck

  • thanks its nice to know their are other people with same problem. In the past I have had so many blood tests but lately the lightheadedness has got worse when I lie down not too bad but when i stand up it gets worse. its nothing to do with standing up too quickly. My family dont really understand what's it like to live with this. the doctor put me on citalopram 10mg. I see her in 2 weeks see if this helps I never thought I would be taking these ever in my life. When i touch top of my head it feels num. How I left my employer also might be why I am depressed the thing is I knew the management wanted me gone and used anything I did as an excuses I tried fighting them but lost the case ever since then I have not been able to stop thinking about it. This was about 8 months ago know.

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