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I'm so sorry for posting all the time but does anyone get the feeling when holding something it feels like it's not there , for eg when I hold my boy it feels like u haven't really got him in my arms n when I hold my mobile phone it feels really heavy in my arms :( also anyone ever look at there hands and think how are they doing this? And all across my chest it don't feel real it's so hard to explain it haven't had no sleep either I keep going hot n cold :(

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Hi Louise,

It sounds to me like I used to get - depersonalisation. You don't say how old you are or if you've had a good thorough medical exam. My doctor many years ago told me that it means you are so focused on what is wrong with you that the real world seems unreal and that things you touch and see etc., don't seem really there. I was so bad at one stage that I became agoraphobic and my husband had to drive me to work, come shopping with me etc. for two years. This all started for me when I was only seven and now nearly sixty one I still suffer. I've learned to ignore most of it now......I had to when it started to take over my life. My parents died when I was twenty and I'm an only child. My extended family all live in other states so I've no support except for one amazing husband who puts up with a lot. Now retired makes life easier. It sounds to me like you may need counselling or meds. You cannot make sense of this by yourself so the sooner you seek help the better. It's awful to always feel so 'out of control'. Don't be too scared.....learn to float past the fear. I also go hot and cold however this has only started since I had a full hysterectomy six months ago. Hope I have helped you a bit but you can always talk to me. I'm in Queensland, Australia so our times would be different.


Hi thanks for your comment I'm on Citralopram 20mg and I'm 19 it all started when I was 18 even though it's only been a year it feels like a lifetime :( and that's how I am now my partner comes everywhere with me shopping doctors ect. I just can't go anywhere alone and I haven't had a full medical check I been to my docs about where I been feeling funny n my symptoms was panick attacks so that's y she stuck me on the med but I worry there's something major wrong with me xx


Hi Louise, you are so young to have anything seriously wrong with you. PLEASE go and see your doctor for a medical. They will do blood tests and check your health and when all the results are OK you will realise then it's a mental issue. So what happened when you were 18? Think about that year and write down what was stressful; what fears you had etc. Tell your doctor the problems. The worse thing you can do is have secrets from him/her. Doctors often don't have time to talk long so they prescribe meds and do tests. When all the results come back 'clear', then ask maybe to refer you to a counsellor. You need someone you can talk things over with. You can't overload your boyfriend all the time or he'll run out of energy to help you all the time. He needs 'time out' too. I BET there is nothing major wrong with you at all and I bet it could be a part of post natal depression and anxiety. PLEASE: doctor first, tests, all will be OK, counsellor next and tell her/him everything about being 18. You need to take control: it will give you strength that you are doing something for yourself and it will give you confidence that you can believe in results. Make an appointment now and start on the road to recovery or you will sit all day, every day, just worrying when there is no need to do so. Let me know how you go.


Well I been docs already and they prescribed me with Citralopram 20mg so I'm taking them for now but I'm going to ask for a blood test as in my family there's diabetesxx


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