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Anxiety; panic attacks; dizziness

(PLEASE READ ALL AND REPLY!)Since I was a freshman in highschool, and now a sophomore, I've been experiencing these symptoms of anxiety. Well, at least thats what I think it could be. Other times however, I really start to believe that there is something wrong with me. Crying for no reason, 24 hour dizziness. I can barely walk straight sometimes. At times when traveling from class to class, I have to lean against a wall and take a break to contain myself. Sadly, I still havent visisited the doctor for this yet. I'm just dont want anything to happen to me before it's too late without me knowing. It just seems like no one cares. I've even tried writing my feelings and problems in a diary.. it helps sometimes, but always ends in crying episodes. I wouldnt mind seeing a therapist or pyschiatrist. It's absolutely fine with me, I just need some help/support on how to cope with this, before giving into medications. Also, I get pressure in the nasal, and jaw area.. sometimes my ear feels really full and as if warm air is coming from it. I also get pain in the temple from time to time. As well as frequent headaches. A main thing may be because of a rollercoaster relationship that I was in, which may have triggered the anxiety which is reallythe anxiety.... Well at least I hope thats what it could be. I just truly want it all to stop.. because it disturbs my daily work and acitivity. I dont feel like myself at all. And trust me I do try. I've also went online to see if anyone could help me or if anyone has common symptoms, and I see the same thing ANXIETY

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Hi and welcome.

An awful lot of what you describe certainly fits the bill for anxiety.Firstly see your doctor,just to rule out anything else.See can you get some counselling too as this does help a lot of people.

Some of us on here downloaded headspace,this helps with deep breathing and meditation.lots of things work for different people,the breathing,exercise,listening to some music.Talking to someone.

Keep posting on here ,someone will always reply to you,although it may take time because we can be in different countries.Everyone on here is friendly,non judgemental and always willing to help if they can,or just a kind word to know your not alone.

I've only been a member a few months myself and it's been invaluable to me.

Hope this helped,good luck xx


Hi Caramelxo.

Welcome to the site.The symptoms you describe are very much those felt by most of us on this site.Anxiety can come in so many forms and effect us in many different ways.I would advise you to see your doctor and tell them exactly what you have said on here, the longer you leave it the harder it becomes to control it,in the mean time try to find some relaxation techniques to help you calm down and keep posting on the site, we are always here to listen and offer any help we can.

Take care Kenny-w


Hi Just read your post and I am sorry your having a tough time right now. Your idea about seeking counselling is a good idea I think we all need to get some answers to problems that originate with a feeling of loss of control of our minds There are some who believe that crying is an indication of some issues with depression We don't really cry for no reason.. It could be something in your life that hasn't been dealt with that has come to the surface... It just a thought you might want to consider.... Your other symptoms may stem from this relationship you're having issues with.The crying could be related to a feeling of loneliness etc..Hope your day gets better...keep posting steve .


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