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I have knee issue on my right leg now started Thursday night I leaned my knee on the side of bath tub to turn the water on and when I tried walking I felt like I had a heavy ball on my knee. Then I started feeling tightness and pain when I would stretch the leg don't know if it's in my head or that it already feels tight but when I put on pants my calf and back of knee feel like it's getting constricted by the pants. It makes my anxiety bad that I constantly feel short of breath and dizzy. Then mentally I've been paranoid to take my kids (4 of them) out on my own which I have to I can't keep them in the house the whole day (we have no backyard only small patio) I feel like they won't listen to me and get to far away that someone can take them. I'm just a big ball of mess. Dont know what to do don't have access to a car right now it broke down for me to go to the doctors or to see a therapist I'm constantly fighting this I'm loosing my battle. Is my body giving up on me? Is that why I have all these aches and pains? Is my paranoia part of anxiety or part of something completely different?

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Sounds like you may have pulled a muscle maybe ?

Do you have any deep heat or anything like that you can rub in to see if it eases it

I am sure it is nothing serious but with HA we always think the worse

If you can try as hard as you can not to focus to much on it the fear will be less & then the anxiety you feel

I am sure your body is not giving up on you but we use so much adrenaline with anxiety & it can sometimes feel that way

Try & be kind to yourself , sounds like a nice relaxing evening will help :-)

If you are really worried see if sometime this week you could make arrangements to see your GP & that will hopefully give you peace of mind

Take Care





Thank you whywhy I did the heat to the leg and it helped. I have no way of getting to my doctors to be seen unfortunately my insurance only allows me to go to a certain medical group and that groups building is pretty far :(

That's why I need to talk to someone I know deep down inside that it's just my anxiety :(


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