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Really need your help. What if it's the real deal?

Woke up with pain around the left armpit all around shoulder and ribs my hand feels swollen with the nasty achy feeling feel especially in the center of my palm hand felt a little warm but now not that much I told people in my house they all said I probably slept wrong. But this whole week I felt palpitations and since yesterday I've felt my armpit pain I thought swollen lymph node but now the hand pain stiffness is freaking me out I feel dizzy at times and I lost my balance a couple of time too it has been a stressful week especially yesterday.

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I am not a doctor but I don't think its the real thing it sounds more like your anxiety & maybe at its worse

I have been having & still am a similar week as you & with the same thoughts but over another health fear & I know just how this makes you feel

I spent the other night waking up sweating & my heart pounding , I knew it was anxiety but it still didn't make it feel any better !

I am sure I have read you have been checked out by your GP & they are happy everything is ok , try & hold on to that thought when you are feeling like this , tell yourself I have been given the all clear !

If it continues maybe have a word with your GP & I say that so it may help to give you peace of mind

Try & I know it isn't easy to relax & I bet the symptoms will start to ease





Thanks whywhy. :) I'm trying really hard to do as you say but it's hard my brain is constantly going into overdrive causing problems :( I'm not doing well lately it's just anxiety attack one after ther other.


I understand :-)

I know how hard this is just take little steps at a time it will get better

Keep talking on here , that is a good start , telling people how you feel is a step forward :-)



You sound so much like me when I'm worrying, like now for instance, my ears are hurting, it's Friday night ..that used to mean relax and have a drink night, not any more, with these pains in my ear, spreads to my neck, head, arms ...once it it's my left arm ohhhh nooo that's when real panic kicks in, left arm all fuzzy, left shoulder, chest hurts, dizzy, hot then why why said it's hard to relax, sounds strange but I've eaten spicy food and that causes chest to get tight so panic starts again.... Totally understand where you are coming from. Have you had the attacks for long?


I'm going through some very tiring times I am on a daily bases getting anxiety attack mainly health anxiety and occasional overactive imagination. I'm sorry to hear we are in the same boat when our worries start rolling :( right now I feel a whole plethora of things and some I thinks it's because of dehydration I just don't want to drink water and maybe I'm damaging my body and I feel off all the time.


If you don't like water on it's own try cordial or fruit juices I drink lots of tea. Sorry to hear about your attacks I understand fully when I have other things to deal with the attacks stop but soon return


Have you thought about some therapy? Mine started last week after asking my gp to refer me for cbt therapy, it's only one session but it may help?


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