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Ouch! The tummy pains are back

I was feeling good, throat was feeling better and ears are sort of normal. I went into work and saw Evita, which was brilliant but came home with the tummy pain again. I get this pain once or twice a year, it's across the top of tummy and feels like intense cramps. When it first happened, I had scans after scans but nothing was found. I feel it's always this bloody anxiety but the pain is so bad for a few days and it goes away.

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Hi Cardiff.

Sorry to hear you have a tummy pain, it does sound like a cramp of some sort, have you eaten something you don't normally have. We always fear the worst but know it is anxiety causing our problems.

Get better soon Kenny xxxx


Hi Kenny-w I had a lovely meal out last weekend and then a few days later it started. I feel really cold weather or maybe bending over makes it happen. I am not sure to be honest, I will give it a few days and see if it goes away or maybe see the doctor



Evita sounds lovely , I bet you really enjoyed watching that :-)

Try not to worry about the pain , if they have done tests & couldn't find anything wrong & you only get it a couple of times a year it could be a muscle you pull , try a hot water bottle & see if that helps

Hope it is easing now & you feel better soon :-)





Try not to fear the worst. Probably just your anxiety. Last year I got fixated with having gallbladder problems because of similar pain. Give you one guess what it was? Yep you guessed it. Bloody anxiety! Take care


Evita was brilliant, Marti Pellow was in it and I met him before the show. He came up behind me and as I turned around, he looked me in the eyes and smiled at me. I melted and smiled like a dumb ass as he said ' Good evening sweetheart'. I couldn't say anything back to him lol. Still a handsome man in my eyes and was brilliant in the show.

I do feel it's a few muscles I've pulled. Also I get back pain before it kicks off, so I do feel it's down to the cold weather or just me lol


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