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Stuck in a lift (well sort of!)

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted, I hope everyone is doing well :) I am sort of doing fine, olive oil is my friend but ears still feel full. Next week will pop back to doctors just be a pain lol. I am slowly going back to work too, having December and early January off due to feeling like crap. Had training last night and all the bosses were so kind and kept asking if I was feeling well enough to be there, bless them.

So during training we had to use the lift, NEVER AGAIN! Me, Casey and Anne got stuck in the lift! Well stuck is the wrong word, we couldn't open the doors lol. So the doors opened and well my boss made me jump. We had to wait to be rescued and down some volunteers came and the boss, we got in and he yelled its all going to break down while jumping up and down. I screamed and I hope the actors on stage having a run through didn't hear me lol.

This week and next week it's The Full Monty! I can't wait to watch it. I know they won't get butt ass naked (might be kids in the crowd) but it will be a good laugh. In fact during the training we heard You Can Leave Your Hat On and my boss said ' Have a quick peep' but all the men were fully clothed lol.

So I am l looking forward to getting back into work now, I've missed it. Have a good day everyone

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Sounds as though you are having some fun.. kind of... apart from the lift. I would hate that.

You have a very positive post which is great.And glad you are looking forward to work.... my work keeps me going.

Have a good day. Julie xx


Hi Cardiff.

So glad to hear your back at work, sounds like your having a lot of fun good for you. I hope you get back into the swing of things quickly and no sneaky peeks at the boys LOL :D



When I read the title to your post I actually thought I was going to continue reading that you were posting as you were stuck in a lift :-D

I wont go in lifts as that is my worse fear of getting stuck so well done dealing with the situation !

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself though despite the lift incident & if it was me I would have a sneaky peak :-D





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