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Carbon Monoxide poisoning?

About 20 years ago, I lived in privately rented accomodation. the landlord wasn`t exactly concientous when it came to repairs, & I was living with a faulty gas fire for some months. I didn`t realise that my headaches & & general malaise were down to this faulty fire until I moved out & felt much better. I realise that these symptoms were down to mild carbon monoxide poisoning, & after reading an article about this I`m wondering what the long-term consequences of mild poisoning of this kind could be. Do I need to ask my GP to send me for a brain scan?

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That was very irresponsible of your landlord !!!

Have your headaches improved now ?

I don't know the answer but I would have thought as it was 20 years ago you would be alright but there is no harm asking your GP what their opinion is , if you do you will have to let us know what they say





This is one of the main reasons why I`m glad that I`m now living in housing owned by a housing association. Our heating systems are checked regularly at no cost to us tenants. Private landlords are greeedy, unscrupulous, & don`t give a damn about their tenants as long as they get their inflated rents!


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