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Hi I have been on Venlaxafine for about seven weeks,& so far it is the best med I have been on & seems to be working. My question is do any of you have ups & downs on this med? The past week I have had a couple of very down days with mild anxiety,& when you think you are on the mend these down days make you think that its all going to start again. Anybody else

like this?

Cheers for now

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  • Ok firstly I'm glad to see that you're finding that it's working. I've been on this med for 6 years I take 75mg daily. I do occasionally get a bit anxious but I always go back to normal I think it's called breakthrough anxiety. I have spoken to my dr about it and she suggested that I up the dosage to 150mg daily. She also told me that 150mg was still a mild amount of the drug and it could be taken in much higher quantities. I always decide to wait and see if the anxiety goes if it didn't go in a reasonable amount of time I would definitely increase the dosage. I can tell you I would never go back to the way I was before I started this drug. Hope this helps you.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply & explanation. Just what I wanted to hear.

    Thanks again


  • Venlafaxine has been great for me. I've been on other SSRIs in the past - Seroxat, Prozac, Citalopram... but think I've finally found the one that suits me. I still get anxious in some situations, very occasionally have a panic attack, but I accept them and carry on.

  • I'm on this anti-dep too....300mg a day in divided doses.Its pretty much as good as the other SSRIs/SNRIs I've been on,which is effective I've found :-)

  • I am also on 300mg a day. I have been on them for about 4 years, starting on 75 and going up to 300. I went down slowly last year and came off them for about 3 days, I became really ill, sickness, faints, nausea, it was horrible. I have had to go back up to 300mg due to pani c attacks triggering the anxiety again but I am going to stay on 300 until I am stable again. So, the only downside I have found are with withdrawal symptoms when you eventually come off them. x

  • would anyone tell me the start up effects of this med ,it sounds to be effective,and i need something..xxxx

  • Hi, the only side effect i had was a dry mouth which went after about a week.

    Good kuck

  • The usual effects of SSRIs, for the first couple of weeks. I had a dry mouth, and twitching eyelid.

  • Because like many other meds it can cause increased anxiety during the first week or two it should be started at a low dosage. I started at 37.5 mg and took it at bedtime I really didn't find I had many side effects at all. I did experience a slight reduction in appetite for the first week. Unfortunately this effect didn't last I quickly regained my appetite. One of the first things I noticed in my recovery was that my food had taste until I started this med everything tasted of cardboard.

  • Thanks for your replies.

    good health to all


  • I concur with nutcase27 - if you ever need to come off them do it gradually, I was told to come off them cold turkey and I have never felt so ill before of since.

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