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My oh my

Good day all,

I have now awoken from my 2 day slumber.

The negatives have left my life for the present and I am full of positives.

Strange how this problem effects us. I am looking at a blue sky a few wisps of cloud which means a beautiful sunset tonight.

To those who replied to my end of year post thank you, I really needed to put down my feelings, it cleared my mind and put me in a much better place.

A big hug to you Why Why, sorry the world has decided to turn against you, I can't really pass comment on families and children, I do understand but as I rarely see any of mine, mainly I think because I can't stand the arguing, bickering and emotion that goes with it all. I know it shouldn't be like that but that's all that seems to happen and when you throw in others into the mix well to me solitude is a much better option.

Congratulations Hypercat on your win, don't invest it at the bookies will you, treat youself Nice to see someone get a good result.

I have yet to make any resolutions Donver, saves breaking them in 2 days time but I think I will try and keep these positives I've found, make a huge attempt to sort my life out and try too throw off the shackles of anxiety and depression. Make some plans and keep to them. Hopefully this will then help me go forward rather than being stuck in this continual cycle which only needs a small thing to trigger it and take me back to square one.


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Well this is a bit more positive , glad you have woken up now the New Year is here after your hibernation :-D

Oh I love my kids they are my world & what keeps me going , the rest of my family which is very small , well maybe that's another story :-/

Hypercat is quite she maybe in the pub spending her winnings , she didn't offer to share I noticed :-D

Hope you keep holding on to those positives :-)

And Happy New Year whether you like it or not , I am wishing you one :-D






It's good to see you starting the new year in a positive frame of mind, I hope you achieve all the goals you set yourself, and defeat the evil beast that is anxiety.

well done Kenny


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