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I've been procrastinating like nobody's business recently & haven't done a speck of work since 16th December when my assignments for uni are all due on the 6th, 7th and 8th of January. I've decided to post some goals for the day here just so I've made what I want to achieve public and be held accountable to them, as otherwise I know I will just waste the whole day on silly things.

I've already put freshly laundered sheets on my bed so that I have a nice reward tonight for doing work, so now I need to actually make sure I do it!

My goals for the day are:

- finish gathering quotes & info from 2 books I have from the library for my essay

- write a very detailed plan for my essay on the French philosopher Descartes

- if the essay plan goes well, write the first 600 words of the essay

- write a short comment which I have to analyse for my portfolio

Whilst I'd like to get the first 600 words done, if I do get a really detailed plan done I won't beat myself up if I don't manage the word count. I realise the titles of these tasks will mean nothing to anyone else, but I think the accountability will help!

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Well setting some goals is a great idea :-)

I can hear you determination & I am sure you will succeed

If you just manage part of it feel proud , any achievement is something to feel good about :-)

I hope by writing it down & posting has helped & you will come back & tell us how you have done !

I never went to Uni , my daughter did , so any advise is limited in this area , hope others though that have this experience will see your post but wanted to let you no I had read it






making short realistic, this hour I will..., can sometimes take away the enormity of a project. With a plan quotes you're a huge way there. you still have time to do this, just working in 15 mins bursts then having a treat can sometimes work. perhaps this isn't the best advice but if anxiety is an issue you may be able to get a bit more time. though even with an extension you wil feel better if you break the back of it. best of luck sweetie x

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I think that's definitely a better system than I use, I usually just decide to dedicate an entire day to work with a set of goals for the end of the day - will definitely try to start breaking it up more so I don't get so fed up with it!

I think I will be okay with keeping calm about it, I did a lot of work throughout the semester so I wouldn't be panicking so much before it was due. Just got to complete the last bits now and I'm free!

Thanks for your advice


I have this problem too! I was given some good advice recently of doing work in 10 minute bursts. I don't know whether this is helpful to you, but try and break down everything into really small tasks, and take regular breaks. It'll feel like you're not getting much done, but it means that when you do do the work in those ten minutes it'll be really productive and positive work. Good luck


Yeah I definitely try to do too much all at once and then 3 hours in I just flatline - definitely need to start breaking it up more. Thank you for your tips!


I had a slight hiccup and have had to email my lecturer with a question so until she responds I can't really to the essay as I intended, so instead of getting stressed about that, I decided to focus on a different set of work for the day & I feel far less worried now that I've got that done! It's the last set of work that's due in so technically deserves less of my attention right now, but that's one less thing to be worrying about - so I think that's at least some success

Thanks for your replies :)


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