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hope it gets better from here

I just got home for my GP and i have paxil and klonopin I am prying that i will get some relief from this head pressure and lightheaded feeling and panicking bc i am so worn out i have not had any sleep in 2 day i have being have 4 to 5 panic attack a day for the last week i need something to help me relax anyone know anything good for that.... HELP PLEASE

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Hi there

Try and do deep breathing exercise, close your eyes and focus on breathing deeply and slowly.

Focus your mind on the now, if your mind keeps wondering about reminding you of the panic attack gently bring it around and imagine you are in a place where you've really felt

calm eg river, forest, sea etc or watching something relaxing.

Try and do above as long and many times as you want even if you don't feel panicky.

Or take a stroll outside in a quiet place but keep doing deep breathing while concentrating on the nature around you. or do gently/moderate exercise.

Drink lot of caffeine free calming tea, there are lots u can choose from, i use redbush.

In summary try and do something even if you don't feel like doing anything due to panick or tiredness, u ll get some benefit even if its short lived.

These r just some of the things i do when i'm under the dark cloud of anxiety and i hope u'll feel better soon.

I'm used to feeling rough in winter on and off, i just can't shake off the down mood but i keep doing the above and see the results.

Take care'



Hi babyblue

Hopefully the meds the doctor has just given you will start working soon & you will feel more relaxed

A nice warm bath or listening to some music can help

Hope you feel better later

Keep talking on here it does help even if we don't always have all the answers you know someone cares & is listening :-)





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