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Authorities make stigma of mental health Iissues worse??

I am wondering if anyone else has same thoughts as me??

Dont know if anyone saw a story in the news about an Italian woman why was forcibly made to have a c section by british medical professionals and then had the baby taken by ss because she stopped taking medication for bipolar whilst pregnant and subsequently had an episode whilst here in the uk? She was deemed to be a danger to her baby and is still fighting to get her baby back?

I also saw on this morning last week about a mum whos son had sadly died and left her struggling to overcome her depression. She built herself up with help from the doctors etc and was attending a CBT course. She later fell pregnant and whilst in labour the ss turned up without warning to remove her baby. Because she missed one session of CBT it took her four months to get her child back and as a result her relationship broke down.

The worry for me is that the authorities are making the stigma of having a mental health issue worse. I was seriously considering CBT but having saw that on tv last week deters me from doing so as i have three children and my partner and I plan on having another. If I put off asking for help surely I am running the risk of putting more pressure on myself? Right now looking forward to anything is a task in itself which is why I think CBT would be good for me. But my kids are my world and I couldn't risk losing them. So muddling along hoping today is a good day is really the only option. And also how many people in worse places than me would be detered from asking for help because the ss and courts will use it against you? ? Sorry about the rant...

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Hi, what you have said and seen is very rare. Children are very rarely taken off the parents because of anxiety I have worked with many mums around anxiety. The children have never been taken away, they just have lots of help.

I also have anxiety and agoraphobia, I have 2 children, I have also had cbt quite a few times along with talking therapy. There has never been an issue of the children being taken off me.

For the children to be taken away there has to be more issues, which probably were not mentioned in the papers or on the tv.

If you are worried speak to your GP or health visitor if you still have one about cbt, it does help and gives you pointers on how to help yourself. If anything cbt is a good thing and shows you are trying to help yourself get better.

Take care xx



Winter's reply is exactly spot on !

I cant add more except to say don't let this fear stop you getting the help that would most likely benefit you :-)

These stories in the news & in the papers always have a lot more to them that we don't get to hear & I understand how it can frighten you

I have 3 adult children & suffered with anxiety all the while I was bringing them up & no one took them away from me because its not the illness that they take them away from parents for it is things like neglect & other complications

See you GP & discuss your fears but don't refuse the help offered you :-)






I completely agree with winter and whywhy. I was so ill last year I needed strong meds and intense therapy and many appointments with my gp. My children were fine throughout and I'm a much stronger happier person for going through the therapy. Don't put off treatment because of what you have heard in the news. The full story is never reported because if it was it wouldn't make the headlines.

Eve x


Hi just to add therapists will only intervene if they fear you or someone else is at risk. Otherwise what you say is cinfidential. They will keep factual notes and talk to a supervisor without using your name. You only need to worry if you discuss that you are harming or in danger of harming your children - including neglect. That you are seeking therapy shows you want to manage your anxiety which is a brave and positive thing that will no doubt enhance your life and that of your family - I sense you care about them a great deal ; ) I would strongly recommend you go to CBT and in your first session discuss these fears. it is up to you what you disclose and wheather you want to carry on after your initial assessment. I was effing fearful as a trainee therapist that I would not be allowed to practice with anxiety. Of course we all present in different ways. I'm just saying, they want to help you. I hope this help x


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