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Home from London :)

Hello everyone. I got home from London last night and had a great weekend. It was lovely to see my brother Simon, his girlfriend Treacle and her family. Saw some great places, Abbey Road was one and also a huge pig lol. I am feeling sort of the same, the headache is gone (for now) but still feel lightheaded. I might have to see someone this week if this feeling don't go away. I am happy to be home, missed my bed lol.

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I also had my photo taken at Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station. Yes I love Harry Potter lol


So great that you got to go and enjoyed yourself. I love London but then it is my home town !! Julie xx


I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend, it is nice to be in your own bed.

Can we please see the photo of platform 9 3/4, I would love to see that. I think the Harry potter films are fantastic.

Take care x



So glad you had a good time its always nice when were anxiety free. Now come on what is this about a huge pig I haven't heard of one escaping lol.


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