HI I have just joined here .after cancer ,divorce .daughter off the rails money worries the lot after remarrying we bought a house abroad

unfortunately I got very very homesick and now most of my money is abroad in a house and we are back living in a holiday cottage and have got 6 weeks to find somewhere to live .I gave up my job to go and I feel life is not worth living


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  • Hi simosa

    You seem to have had a lot to deal with & sorry to hear about your health problems ,even though you may not feel it , you must be very strong to have dealt with your illness

    I can see why the things happening in your life will be adding to your anxiety

    I would take one thing at a time , as I find when I try & deal with more than one this just makes my anxiety worse , so I try & prioritize which is the most important

    First , have you been to see your GP & asked for some support with your anxiety , there is so much more understanding now of how anxiety affects us & if you have a good GP they will listen to you & give you support

    Money worries even if you are not suffering with anxiety cause people stress

    Again there is support to help people who have financial difficulties

    Have you tried your local Citizens Advice , they are a free service & deal with financial problems

    Also there is National Debt line

    There number is 0808 808 4000

    Debt can be resolved but professional advice can be a big help in doing so

    Keep talking on here , you will get some great advise & support & its a relief to no you are not on your own with how you feel




  • Hi there

    Well you have had a time of it haven't you, no wonder you're feeling the strain.

    Not the same things as you but been through a particularly hard time lately & sometimes it just feels like, 'why do I bother?' It's hard to keep battling & damned tiring!

    whywhy has given good advice, try to deal with one thing at a time. We're only human, not superhuman!

    In the meantime, see a doc, be kind to yourself & I know it's a cliché but try to focus on what you still have.

    Things will get better, nothing stays the same :)

    Let us know how you're doing


  • something will turn up for you,I feel for you so much.I have sold my house and leave next month,I have nowhere to go,I have only been in this house 18 months,I feel I will be never be happy again,feel this anxiety is only going to get worse.I was widowed and then retired a few years later and had to sell my family home after living in it for more than 20 years.I keep saying something will turn up,cant believe I,m in my 60,s and not going to have a home ,I should be settled and enjoying life.I wish you all the best.

  • all the luck in the world is sent to you TAKE CARE

  • we are going back to our home abroad

  • Is that good?

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