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don't know what to do...

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I failed driving test so many times that i've started to wonder if i shall continue trying or give up for good.I started on manual but after just couple lessons my then instructor asked me why don't i try automatic, never asked him why but my little confidence was knocked off in so much that i stopped lessons for some time.

I resumed lessons on automatic but kept failing tests. Once i master the previous mistake a new one comes along on the next test.Every time i fail i cry so much and feel down for some time and need more courage to book another test again.The fact that I'm in my 40's and suffer from anxiety,makes things difficult for me, i think. I even thought of crash driving but don't have enough money,also i live in a very small town and know the roads well, if i do crash driving will have to go to a big town/city where i'm not familiar with their roads.

Today i tried to drive manual to see how i will get on, i did fairly well according to my new instructor and she is optimistic that i will pass this time. But after the lesson i felt that i'm better of with the devil ( automatic ) i know than to start a new one (manual )

Anybody with some advise?

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I like automatic, but I can drive both, you just point it in the right direction and go :)

you could learn in an auto to get your confidence, then move to manual if you want to.

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matosh in reply to hamble99b

Thaks Sandra ill try again. Matosh

Most cars are automatic these days anyway... I( would stay with the automatic. No balancing clutches on hills etc. Much better. Julie xx

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matosh in reply to Jeffju

Thanks Jeff for ur positive rsponse. Matosh

Hi ther, you are experienced with the test you know what you have to do its just putting it all together and going for it, what I did I just kept talking to myself in my head what I must do next, when the driving instructor said to turn right off I went talking to myself as you do I new exactly what to do but just needed that extra bit of calm, surprising what you can do when you talk to yourself, Automatic YES go for it Ive had an auto for about 15yrs will never be without it either, when Im in a manual I crash gears and find I just drive in 2nd gear hhaaaa go for it gal you will pass with flying colours. luv Janisxx

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matosh in reply to janipan50

Thanks Janipan for ur motivation.

Automatics every time. I remember how terrified I was of driving solo for the first time (in my fifties) and would approach the car with a feeling of dread and nausea. But I told myself that one day I would actually open the door, get in and drive and think of nothing other than my destination. And it happened - after about a month. Hang in there, keep on with the lessons and tell yourself that one day you'll wonder why you were so scared. Good luck. xxx

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matosh in reply to joella

Thanks Joella, i ll give it a go again.


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