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Morning all x

Hope we are all well? My other post seems to have failed typical me x It may pop up at some point . Where are we all today? Its very quiet x I just wanted to take this opportunity to say please carry on posting. Yesterday was a funny day and unfortunately things happened and people left. This has no bearing on the people on this site, more the lack of admin and its structure which Im sure we all hope will come soon. I can assure you no matter what you think I am not trying to take over the site and force others out, I have taken the messages on the chin as I know some people are upset. I had nothing to do with yesterday as it was nothing more than a simple misunderstanding that got out of hand.No one was to blame these things happen, but its onward and upward, hopefully those that left will return at some point as they are valuable assets to this site x Today is a new day x we cannot change what has been done but we learn from it and move on. If you do not wish to correspond with me in the future i understand completely but it will not stop my posts x Just ignore them xx :) Love to all X Donna

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Morning donna :-)

Hope you are well, its a nice day here today feeling very positive and the sun is shining, im having a busy day getting reading for tomorrows bonfire night, something to look forward to, hope you have a nice day :-)

Much Love



I have no idea what happened yesterday... So I'll just say "Good morning!"

It's a lovely day here too - probably the best one for this week so we all need to make the best of it. If possible, get out for a walk somewhere to absorb the sunlight.



Hi donver, back at work today, still not slept properly took a kalms tablet last night didn't work only got about an hour's sleep but still trying to be positive somehow bit dumbfounded about the troubles yesterday , going to miss some special ppl hoping they might return in the future though :)

Brains not working so I'll shut up now :D

Hope everyones ok x

Mimii xx


Hi all x And ty for replies x :) sun has certainly been shinning to day but there,s a chill in the air x Frosty tonight to x


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