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Had a gd weekend :-)

Had a gdcweekend we went to fire works last night with the kids :-) witch they loved :-) was lovely and was thinking as we were watching them that I don't no why I worry so much about everything !!! This is wot its all about making lovely memory's with my little family and how lucky I am to b standing here :-) iv lost a few close family and friend in the last 7 years and last night watching the fireworks just thought of them all in a gd way and thought how glad I am that I'm getting there now not 100% but nearly !!! :-) was a strange but nice feeling lol....... Hope u all had a gd weekend to :-) x

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Hi Stacey

Thats a lovely post , I am so pleased you enjoyed the fire works with your family & could feel how lucky you are :-)

You have done so well & its so nice when people come on & post something so positive

Hope you have a lovely evening :-)





Hiya. Thanks we did enjoy them :-) was like something in me just clicked lol x hope your well :-) x


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