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Panic aid download the app

Hi every1,just come on to share an app I was told by my uncle he is a doctor...it's called panic aid and it cost £1.99 on my iphone app centre,I'm not sure about other phones sorry.but type it in on your phone or laptop and see.it shows you how to train yourself and different techniques how to get rid of a anxiety.it also has a panic button,I find it reassuring and if anything for the cost of £1.99 anything is worth a try!may help people :)

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That sounds interesting what does the panic button do ? Wonder if there's a star trek app where you can say 'beam me up Scotty ' :D

Mimii xx


Lol if only hey!theres a man that talks u through your breathing and there's pictures etc,it may not help every1 but I have realised my breathing has calmed down a lot quicker with this app. :) x


Thanks my daughter might find it helpful :)

Mimii xxx



I dont use a mobile as such , but sounds really good & if I did I would download it , like you say worth £1.99 !

When I was reading your Uncle was a doctor , felt a bit envious as I can have HA & thought I wished I had one that was , could do with it at the moment , he would never get rid of me !

Hope you are keeping well :-)





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