so when i have a panic attack, it feels like I am going to choke on my tonsils. Drs have always said man you have huge tonsils. I am 28 and they usually dont do surgeries for tonsils in older people, but it is the tonsils i sort of start choking on and it triggers the panic attack MUCH MUCH quicker. Anyone else have that issue? Also would i be able to get my tonsils removed because of this reason. I use to always get strep throat


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  • Hi

    A lot of people get a choking feeling with anxiety or feel they are going to be sick , which I have had before

    I think the more we fear this sensation the more anxiety it causes , which I no isnt easy when you are suffering

    Have you spoken to your GP , about this & your anxiety

    They dont like to remove them as we get older & I am not a doctor but I believe they do , but it has to be severe cases

    Keep talking on here & people will help you with your anxiety , which could help this problem over time




  • well apparently i have to see a head neck and throat doctor to check my tongue issues and my primary care, rheumatologist and dermatologist have said my tonsils are really really big and also i have a big wide tongue so it realy messes with the anxiety and i never had anxiety until i was put onto prednisone and then panic attacks liek no other 11 yrs ago.

  • Hi

    I would go & see the head , throat & neck doctor , they will be very good & no exactly what would be best , I hope you can get an appointment

    As you feel prednisone could be contributing to your anxiety have you discussed this with them as not sure of the side effects but if this is one there could maybe be other meds they could put you on instead , its worth asking :-)


  • Hi, I agree with whywhy and think you should go and see the specialist. I too have really big tonsils all the time, which causes me to snore really badly. I've been told that they would take mine out although have been recommended to loose 2 stones first, to see if that makes a difference. It wont as even snored as a baby!

    Jules x

  • indeed well the anxiety defiantely came from the prednisone about 11 years ago when i started it. I was afraid of the dark, moody, i couldn't go into groups anymore. I hated public speaking and i was good at it. It took alot out of me but i have since learned some techniques for myself but now i am on Androgel and because the prednisone took my testosterone levels very low and so the hormone replacement therapy has only added. i have an appt with the head neck and throat dr tom and my optometrist. We will see if the pressure is still going up(pre glaucome thanks to prednisone) and also they found the beginning of a cataract.

  • You should try to find more information about tonsil stones.Why don’t you try to visit Hope this will help!

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