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Filling the day?

How do you all fill your days those who do not work, i'm signed off at the moment and i'm finding it lonely and boring as i have not much motivation to do anything creative, which is what i normally do. Most friends and family are working or live far away so i end up watching tv and on the internet which i know is a waste of time and not productive at all. So tricky to get out and try new things feeling how i do though...

Just wondering if anyone else's days are tricky to fill?

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I am used to been at home which could make the difference as when you are used to working its a different routine & which ever one you do you get used to it

I find I dont have enough hours in the days sometimes

I do have a family so they can take some time up , I clean , iron , cook , bake I can always find something to do !

Maybe look round & see while you have been working & now at home the things that maybe you wanted to do but never had the time for

It can be hard to motivate yourself , I suppose for me been a Mum I have looked at it as my job , so I have found it easier than I expect when you are used to working

Do you have any hobbies you have never had time to do , sewing , baking ?

Oh sorry this will have been no help

Hope someone will have some better ideas when they read this :-)





Hi silver snow

I felt the same when I was first signed off. I find it helps to have a list of things to do, I then work through them each day. I don't always getvthem all done, but at least it stops me sitting and watching jeremy kyle all day!

Jules x


it makes sense what you said whywhy as i'm not used to being at home i'm used to working and don't have a family so don't have the extra jobs to do. i think i'm so used to not having lots of time on my hands now i do i'm not sure what to do with it especially not really feeling like myself. I do have bits and pieces to do round the house but find they only take up so much of my time. I'm just hoping I will start to feel a little more 'normal' soon and can do the things i usually enjoy. urgh just so frustrating i just want to get back to my life! but thank you both for your comments, coming on here and messaging at least takes up some of my time lol :-)


Well may be see this as a extra holiday of work & relax

I do appreciate how this must feel as I have a friend & she always says she is happier at work than home , mind you she has a family as well , maybe thats why :-/

Its what you get used to , but try not to look at it to far ahead , just think I am having time of for now but I will be back & you will :-)



I have a family to look after, but I write a list of things to do. Maybe take advantage of being off and go for a walk might make you feel better. I do dog walking and feel better for it... I do sit and watch "This Morning" always cheers me up:)) x


hi i dont work and live on my own with my dog,i like to read,i always have 2 books on the go one self help and one novel.


I watch tv, (40 channels to choose from since we went digital), surf the internet on my laptop, & excercise.


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