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Hit a bad patch

I had a feeling I was coming through this patch of anxiety. My head is hurting, I've got a feeling of pressure on top of the head and got brain freeze too, it's driving me mad. I know it's nothing bad but it's really knocked me for six. I feel like crying and I told my Mum who said stop being so worry and live a little. I hope this feeling passes soon or I will go back to the doctor for this and I can't keep doing it!

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Hi, I get that feeling of pressure on the top of my head too sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode.


I get the same, it's so scary! Plus my vision goes blurry and I get dots in my vision. It makes me feel like I'm going to have a brain hemorrhage and I panic! I feel for you, but they do pass, just remember and it might help you get through this horrible period xxx


My eyes do the same too! I did tell my doctor who said it's classic anxiety! I know if I chill out or sleep it's fine, but once I wake up my head at the back feels funny. I do wonder if it's like a tension headache? I can't keep on worrying but I do.


I had to ask my husband tipoff go with me in the dr office so the dr could explain to him what was going on. He said how would you feel if someone put you in a pickle jar an put a lid on it he said he could not stand it. He said that is the way

Y she feels. Because she is not faking.


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