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Can't breathe

I'm having a really bad day can't breathe so I panic worse. I've got an e cig been using it for 8 months and past 3 days my chest is tight and I can't breathe in. And because of my anxiety this makes me worse I worry I'm having a heart attack or I've poisened myself. Grrr anxiety makes you worse I feel like I'm gonna pass out going the docs in a bit can't do this no longer.

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Hey mate,

How you feeling? You any better? Xx



Not sure if it will be the e cig making your chest tight if you have been using it for 8 months & have been ok & they are suppose to be better for you than the real thing

Maybe its anxiety hun & the more we get worked up the tighter our chest feels

If you wanted you could not use it for a couple of days to see if it made a difference , that way at least you would no for sure if it was the e cig or your anxiety ?

Hope you have calmed down a little & feeling a bit better :-)





Thanks doc said it's not the e cig my chest is fine your right it's my anxiety making me breathe funny


Oh well at least you can keep on th e cigs as they are better for you , I have one & I really need to start using mine more !

Well I no anxiety is awful , but at least by seeing the doc you no its nothing physical which I hope gives you peace of mind :-)

You will deal with the anxiety , little steps , but you will get there :-)



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