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Feeling emotional

Woke up feeling quite content,a few hours later sitting on my own felt very emotional,thinking about my dad who died 8 year ago and my ex husband who's a waste of space were our children are starting cbt on Wednesday really hope I get told how to stop getting annoyed about past events because they ramp up my anxiety levels and leave me feeling so low x

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Hi Lynne x Firstly Im sorry to hear of your losses x I don't think it matters how long ago they where if they are still playing on your mind x Life has a way of getting us down and sometimes we just cannot find a way back up.

I have similar problems, a too deep connection to the past, and dwelling on it all the time. It annoys me so much as I always feel sorry for myself and think why me. I started cbt for these problems a few weeks back and we have gone over the past, in full detail, and I don't know what she did to me but I have sorta stopped thinking of it xx So maybe if this is what you want fro your cbt it will work wonders for you :) xx Donver


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