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feeling awful ;(

I have never been in such a difficult situation. im trying to force myself to carry on with the course but when I think of entering the classroom and staying there for 6 hrs of intelectual discussions, I start hyperventilating and my legs go numb. im so scared but I know I wont be able to reapply next year because I messed up with student finances. I feel so guilty that I cant find the strenght! thinking that im a coward and I will regret soon. on the other hand I always wanted to teach adults, not in secondary s. It always scared me but listened to people saying "you will be fine" but they didnt know i had been suffering for this for a decade. even when o tablets I was not self confident at all. speaking quietly and too shy to approach someone and ask. poor immigrant :-(why I thought I would be fine..

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Hi gatita

I am dont have any experience with this , so I am not going to be much help , but I have read your post & I do feel for you & hope that might help to no poeple do care how you are feeling

Sounds like you are really not seeing anything positive in yourself , yet trying when we feel like we do , is such a huge thing & you should be proud you are giving this a go

I am not sure , but could you talk to your lecturer or is there some kind of counselling service as there usually is or could you talk to the student department that deals with the loans & explain to them all how you are feeling

I am sure they would try & support you & give you the best advice & maybe other options , i no we can find it difficult to speak out , but if we can , it can amaze me sometimes , what there is out there to help us when we are stuggling so much

Let us no how you go on & keep talking if you can on here , i do think it can help & people will listen & we dont judge , so you wont have that worry

Let us no how you go on :)





thanks.. they gave me 1 week to decide and I think Im gonna give up. teacher training at secondary is very draining and stressful. i need a cbt. not ready for a challenge. i had a panic attack at uni. so embarrasing


Hi gatita,

Please think long and hard before making your decision, i would hate for you to regret it. I was an art teacher years ago in a secondary school in north London. I know how you feel. It can be very stressful and draining. It would be good to try and do as why advised and talk to someone before making the decision to quit.

You will find lots of support here and i do hope you keep us informed whatever you decide to do.

Love and best wishes Cookie xxx


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