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Does anyone know if I can change from Job Seekers Allowance to a Disability benefit?

I was meant to be going to University this year, but decided to take a year out as im still suffering from panic attacks at the minute. I went to an interview to sign on and got my first payment. But so far missed 2more appointents as my anxiety has been really bad. The appointments last about an hour every week and I know id end up having panic attacks.

Is there any allowance or benefit I could get that doesn't require weekly appointments? I wasn't really wanting to go on any benefits, but my mum said i might as well if im going to Uni next year.

Hope someone can help :)


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Disability allowance is separate from Jobseekers allowance & you have to apply for that as a totally different claim on top of jobseekers, which in all honest it is very hard to get now , in fact those that are on it they are trying to take it from them , still if you ask & get the forms , go on google & put in how to claim Disability you should get what you need from there

If you are on Jobseekers , & you cant make the interviews , you need to ask to appeal to be put in the other groups , one is the wrag group , which you have interviews once a month & there is another group where they do leave you alone , but you have to be really bad to get in there

I would go & see your CAB , or ask your doctor for support

It is very complicated now , but both are excellent at helping , especially CAB

If you do appeal , you will be left on the money you are on , but they will leave you alone while your appeal goes through , even though you may have to send in sick notes from your GP

Dont no if this makes any sense to you but good luck :)





I was given disabilty living allowance because I was in a psychiatric hospital with quite severe post natal depression and acute anxiety. It is difficult to get and usually it is given if you have had severe depression for a long time

Reply ' re not alone.I shoud be at uni now.. but Im at home crying.only job seeker allowance for me and it will be hard as Im in debts. it makes it all worse


HI, my friend who has anxiety is on employment support allowance where you hand in sick notes from the doctor and don't need to sigh on xx


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