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all that effort for a fish?!

I used to have a lot of anxiety about feeling like I wanted to kill myself but decided it would be something i wasn't very good at as i didn't feel 100% committed to the act itself.

I just stumbled across this video whilst youtube-ing fancy goldfish aquariums and it really made me smile/giggle. Especially as it was done as coursework by a university student in the states!

There's nothing funny about suicide but i think we can use humor to open up debate and think about serious issues :)

enjoy :)

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Thanks for sharing, I'd agree that humour can help when opening up about very difficult personal circumstances.

I really hope you are in a better place now. As someone who has a few different types of anxiety, it's never been about ending my life for me. I have struggled and have had very dark days but it's more a crippling inability to believe I can do everyday things and compulsively thinking every tiny action through assuming the worst outcome, not wishing I could end my life. What you have described sounds more like severe depression - have you looked into support for people suffering with depression?

I hope you haven't taken this the wrong way, you're welcome on here and we'll all be here to support you, I just felt like maybe you have had experiences with another issue also as your description of how you felt was a side to anxiety I've never experienced. I hope you are receiving all the help you need :)

Wishing you all the best,

Katy xx


Hi Katy,

thanks for your response :)

i guess it sounds confusing but i never actually wanted to kill myself hence the wording '...anxiety about feeling like i wanted to kill myself'. My anxiety was coupled with depression and anorexia among other things.

i just wanted to share the video and explain why i thought it was quite insightful, gave me a smile and made me reflect on my own experiences/past feelings.

nothing was taken badly from your message and i appreciate your input (and hope you liked the video) :)

same to you :)



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