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Have not posted in a while still suffering with bad anxiety feels like I will never get better been off work because of it. just the thought of going back to work makes me feel panicky don't know what to do, had a bad panic attack before still feel shaky. all this started with some idiot who ran in to the back of my car since then all this has happened .

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Hiya,I was exactly the same!couldn't go 2 work and had to leave my job as I got in such a state,how long have u been feeling like this?if I can give u my advice...go to work keep busy I wish I did that but hey I carnt turn clock back.with ur accident there must be something that has triggered your anxiety,maybe u need an appointment with ur doctor and see if they can refer you,maybe just talking to a professional will help realise your anxiety.worth a try :) x



Sorry you are still having a bad time

Not sure , but have you been to see the GP , if you havnt then I would go & if you have then i would go back & let them no how you feel

Keep posting & people will try & help :)





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