Hello Everyone :)

I hope everyone is doing well :) Sorry i have not been around lately as i am trying to cope with returning to work. I am also hoping to move big step but need a new change of scenery and a new start.

I have not forgot anyone and i hope everyone is doing well. I am still struggling at times but i seem to have my positive determination hat on right now. Please God it last.

Best wishes hugs and love to all

Love Seyi xxxx


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3 Replies

  • Hello Seyi

    I have been thinking about you & I am pleased you have posted & sound like you are doing ok

    Moving house , yes its up there on the top of the list , I am sure its no 1 or 2 of the most stressful things & thats not just for people that suffer anxiety , but hopefully once you do move you will feel good

    Keep that positive hat on :D




  • Hi i am not doing bad thank you although its a struggle on a daily basis. I sat down and thought perhaps a fresh start may help me this creates a new environment, Yes i agree its the most stressful thing you can do move house but i have been pondering for ages and now decided to take the plunge. This is a big challenge but i am determine to leave all the negative thoughts feelings behind me and start again. I am moving into a brand new house and really excited so all my thoughts and energy are making plans etc keeping me busy and distracting me from my physical anxiety. Maybe i am kidding myself or dreaming but i have to get my life back on track and be the person i once was. I hope you are keeping well and having some good days. I really miss coming onto the site on a regular basis but now back at work i have a lot of planning as i am responsible for the education of the Autistic Unit and will be teaching there. This is also going to push my boundaries and although i love my job if it gets to much pressure will look for another job. We all need to put ourselves first which i believe you or myself have not done. I will keep in touch and i am glad i met you on this site its been a blessing. Will talk soon take care hugs Love Seyi xxxx

  • I love the sound of a brand new house , that would be good for me , i wouldnt have to worry about germs if it was all new :-/

    Your new job does sound a challenge , but I feel you will be fantastic at it :)

    I no you will be busy , but please when you have time , let us no how everything is going , i will be thinking about you

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{ hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

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