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Day of fun:-)

Another very nice day out with the kids to the farm feeding animal and playing on everything ! Was one last treat before they go bk to school :-) at home and school things all sorted home work done lunch box made and kids still not asleep !!! Lol pluss quit happy with my self as got on the trailer ride ! Which isn't fast or scary at all but I don't like the being locked in facter and not being to get out or of when I wont ! But I did it as my little one wonted to and to honest I really enjoyed it with her :-) so all gd and ready for school ! X

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Sounds like you had a real good day :)

Well done going on the ride , it doesnt matter how fast it was , if you have a fear , it takes some doing & it made me smile that you did it for your youngest one :)

They maybe a little excited tonight as I do feel by now they are ready to go back , but after a full day at school tomorrow , they should be all tucked up earlier come tomorrow night :-/

You got through the holidays & from your posts you did a real good job , I hope you feel proud , what a good Mum they have :)





AW thank you I did make it through... just lol :-) ...the ride was gd and the best thing was I felt a bit anxious just before but was OK coz was going on with my kids and mum !!! But then my boy didn't wont to soit was just me and litte one so felt anxious and nearly got of as she was starting to get bit scared so thought r just get of but I didn't and just felt fine and enjoyed it :-) am looking forward to chilling tomoz tho on my own lol hope u had gd day to x


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