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Job interview tomorrow!

A few weeks back I sent my CV to the Avon company enquiring about working from home as a representative over the internet. I had a phone call yesterday from the company, & the woman that I talked to arranged to come & see me at my flat. I wish now that I`d arranged to meet her in a cafe or anywhere not at home because my flat has seen better days. My carpet is worn out, & the walls need redecorating, there are still clawmarks on one wall from a cat I used to have! Ihaven`t had a visitor to my place in years, & I`m wondering what she`s going to think of it. I`m ashamed of the state of it, but I can`t afford to redecorate or buy a new carpet. I`m dreading tomorrow!

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Oh hairyfairy

She is coming to interview you , not your flat , she will give you the job , but doubt if she will offer it your flat :-/

Now so many can not afford to decorate & buy new things , but we can run a cloth over , & hoover up , thats all we need to do

I am sure you will impress her so much , that she wont even notice & how do you even no her home might be in need of a lick of paint ;)

I no its easier said than done to think this way , but its true

You just be yourself & I think you will do just Great :)

Let us no how it goes





Everything went fine, I had a quick clean up last night mopping floors & hoovering, so at least the place is reasonably clean. All I have to worry about now is finding some customers for her products.


See told you :)

Well done , I am so happy for you & I no you will find those customers :)

I hope you feel really proud of yourself & this will be a positive you can focus on :)



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