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Does anybody have Skype?

Hello lovely people!

I just came on to ask if anyone has Skype? I just got it today and I'm in love with it already! You can talk to anybody anywhere in the world, for free! Even on video, or just normal vocal calls.

If anyone wants to add me, my username is muffin-chops95, obviously hehee!

I've been feeling more on earth recently, but still pretty messed up emotionally, you know how it is...

How is everyone?

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Hello Muffin

We have skype , but my son uses it more , I still like the old fashioned phone :D

Now you be good on it ;) Lots of Americans to talk to & I no you seem to like the accent


Pleased something has cheered you up though :)

How did you get on at the GP'S when you went with your Mum , did you get any where with the meds , I have been thinking about you :)

Did you get my message I sent you about Faye while I think about it , hope so :)





I have got it but never used it,I do use FaceTime which is the same but don't know if it goes any where in the world it certainly does the U.K. Good luck with


I've got it and never used it. My son uses FaceTime to call me especially when he is at his dads and he wants to talk to me! I love that it makes me feel wanted and thought about when he is not here xx


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