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anxiety and my digestive system are in cahoots against me

Hello everybody

welcome to a post about anxiety, my inability to have a decent poop and the fight against the feeling that the damage has already been done....

Ever since anxiety reared it's ugly head in February I have also have been near cosistantly constipated ( I'm such a charmer )...much of the reading on the links between these two things suggest childhood trauma...lets see mum ran off when I was 8, brother has severe learning difficulties, dad was fairly ineffective and diet was awful - got to love those weekends with 3 people, 12 cheap grills and a couple of oxo cubes - yum...might qualify as traumatic.

My current issue the past couple of weeks or so has been how to handle the feeling that it is too late - I am physically and mentally damaged and I am not loved or respected, despite OH, kids and newly acquired degree - anyone who points out these good things are just pitying me...It sounds horrible, I cannot believe how quickly my fragile confidence (if it even existed in the first place) has gone, I'm sensing a creeping bitterness about all this that I really don't like at all :(

I don't think I'm down, but it just lingers - wish this macrogol wouldn't take 3/4 days to work, I'll be much happiers when it does ;)


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Sorry you are feeling low & unloved

I no when I am it doesnt matter how much people tell me they love me etc I just cant feel it , but is not them its me & I am sure you family love & respect you , I think we have to learn to love ourselves as some days I no I struggle when I am feeling rubbish

I no things that have happened in the past can follow us through the years & continue to affect us , letting go & leaving them where they belong in the past can be very hard to do

I am not sure , but I think you tried (I will spell this wrong ) Hypnotheraphy ..well you no what I am saying ..have you seen your GP or thought about counselling as well

I think you have done fantastic bringing up 3 kids , & on top of that getting a degree , at the same time as dealing with this ,you should feel proud

Hope tomorrow is a better day





Dear Sam,

I am sorry to read that you are struggling with your bowels at the moment.

a big hug,

Marcus xxx


Sorry you're feeling this way, my confidence has taken a battering recently, it's hard to pick yourself back up, but you will do it.

My daughter has GAD & health anxiety (among other things) & she has trouble with constipation too. She can't take tablets, but she got some medicine off the doc, unfortunately she doesn't like the taste so won't take it. By the way, she has always had a very healthy diet, loves salad, cabbage, spinach, asparagus loads of fruit & veg, even dried fruit. Her drink of choice is water or sometimes fresh juice, no fizzy drinks. Yet she is still constipated. That's anxiety for you.

Me, I go the other way, not sure which is worst :o

It is never too late, you are still young, you'll do it



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