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Good day everyone :)

Hi everyone, you will probably start to recognise my posts now and know im suffering from anxiety when in the house on my own. as pathetic as it sounds i just wanted to say im having a positive day, my partner has been out for 3 1/2 hours now and im doing ok, no major panics attacks or anything yet! (still 8 hours till he returns though :P). im hoping that because im being more open about my problems and am getting advice on how to cope is the reason for my calmness today and not the fact i am absolutely exhausted after a busy few days working, visiting relatives and a very wriggly baby bump! haha! plan for the rest of the day is to have some lunch then go through some stuff and maybe have a much needed clean out of stuff we dont use, create some extra space for when our little chubba is here!

hope everyones having a good day! xx

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It's so good to hear that you're having a positive day and that those horrid anxious thoughts are staying at bay :) It's not pathetic at all, it's something to be celebrated!

Wishing you well,

Katy xx



That is really good news :)

Maybe as the time gets nearer you might find you stop in more , they call it nesting or something like that , we can start wanting to clean & get everything just so , , its something that seems to kick in as the time gets closer , in fact when I was in labor with my son , I got up that morning & was scrubbing all the kitchen , climbing on the work tops the lot :o wouldnt let any one talk me in to going in the hospital till I had finished & by the time I had there was only a couple of hours to spare , O & not forgetting I cooked Sunday dinner as well before I went lol

This is a wonderful time , I no with this anxiety , it may not have felt like it , but I do hope this is a turning point for you as for me , having my children has been the best thing that ever happened to me :)

Keep coming on & sharing the Good & bad days (even though I hope the bad are few & far between )

And look after you & that wriggly bump ;)





thanks guys :D well even though i said id be busy busy i fell asleep after my lunch ooops, must have needed it! yeah people ask if im nesting yet, so far no over the top cleaning noticed, but havent been in the house much haha. your right whywhy, surely nesting will come with less anxiety coz i cant clean if im not in the house :P

ill still be posting dont you worry. and again thanks for all the support ive had on here, even in such a short space of time! xx


glad you are having a better time

just to add my thoughts; i have had 2 children and suffered with anxiety through both pregnancies. I worried the whole way through but although the births werent easy i do feel the body and nature just takes over and i got through it and have had 2 great kids. good luckxxx


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